Dhupguri High School (XII) Online Result

Academic Activities

For normal section Academic Session begins from the month of January in every year. Various academic activities are carried through out the year & session ends in December. For Class XI session ranges from July to April and for Class XII it ranges from May to March. Syllabus , Courses , Evaluation process etc. are conducted according to the guidelines of WBBSE & WBCHSE.

Normal Section

Class : V contains three sections : A, B, C
Class : VI contains three sections :A, B, C
Class : VII contains three sections : A, B, C
Class : VIII contains three sections : A, B, C
Class : IX contains three sections : A, B, C
Class : X contains two sections : A, B

Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation

Class V
Formative = 10+20+20
Summative = 10+20+50
Class VI - VIII
Formative= 20+20+20
Summative = 15+25+70
Class IX & X
Formative = 10+10+10
Summative= 40+40+90

Summative Evaluation

Probable Date of Summative Evaluation:
1st Summative Evaluation (S1): April
2nd Summative Evaluation (S2) : August
3rd Summative Evaluation (S3) : November

H.S Section

(i) General Stream : Science,Arts,Commerce
Section A : Science,Commerce,Arts Girls
Section B : Arts Boys
(ii) Vocational Stream : Agriculture



Mr Arup Dey ( President )

Mr Ashoke Mojumder (Secretary)

Mr Partha Ghosh (T.R)

Mr Mrinal Ray ( T.R)

Mr Sanjit Kr Roy( T.R)

Mr Anindya Barua (N.T.R)

Mr Madan Har (PIE)

Mr Narayan Ch Das (P.I.E)

Mr. Niloy Roy (GR)

Mr. Gourpada Roy (GR)

Health Representative

SI of Schools

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Students who are irregular in classes and remain absent without prior intimation are liable to guardian call.

Those who do not secure the required percentage of attendance are liable to take action as per the Board and the Council norms.

Students who spoil, misuse or destroy school property, library books and laboratory instruments are liable to take action as per rule.

Students of practical based subjects must have their attendance in both practical and theoretical classes.

Those who do not attend at the theoretical classes will not be allowed in practical classes.

Every student must have school badge and school uniform.

In off-periods and class hours, the students are restricted to wander aimlessly in the school compound.

Students are not allowed to ride cycles through veranda.

Writing on the walls is liable to take action as per rule.

Students are bound to keep the school premises clean and hygienic.


Head Master : Ashoke Kr. Mojumder , M.A , B.Ed

Asst. Head Master : Gunamay Banerjee , M.Sc, B.Ed


Partha Ghosh:M.Sc,M.Phil,B.Ed

Soumita Chatterjee:M.Sc,M.Phil,B.Ed


Prafulla Majumdar:M.Sc,B.Ed

Shantanu Gupta:M.Sc,B.Ed


Rudra Bhowmick:M.Sc,B.Ed

Sanjit Kr Roy:M.Sc,B.Ed

Dipak Basak:B.Sc,B.Ed

Bibhas Chowdhury:B.Sc,B.Ed

Tapas Sarkar:M.Sc.,B.Ed


Gunamay Banerjee:M.Sc,B.Ed

Asoke Roy:M.Sc,B.Ed

Bio Science

Biswajit Saha:B.Sc.,B.Ed

Suman Sarkar:B.Sc,B.Ed

Subhadra Soren:B.Sc,B.Ed

Pure Science

Gautam Karjee:B.Sc,B.Ed

Prabin Ch sarkar:B.Sc,B.Ed

Computer Application

Chandrachur Majumder:MCA,B.Ed


Rajarshi Sarkar:M.Com,B.Ed

Koushik Datta:M.Com,B.Ed


Subhendu Pr. Sengupta:M.A,B.Ed

Srijib Sarkar:M.A,B.Ed

Bhabatosh Narjinari:B.A,B.Ed

Gauranga kr Roy:M.A,B.Ed


Nirmalendu Roy:M.A,B.Ed

Mrinal Ray:M.A,B.Ed


Debashis Nandy:M.A,B.Ed


Surajit Sen:M.A,B.Ed

Bikash Prasad:M.A,B.Ed


Suman Bhattacharjee:M.A,B.Ed


Debmita Majumder:M.A,B.Ed,M.Phil

W.Ed & P.Ed

Dilip Basak:B.Com,M.PEd

Md Ajijur Rahaman:M.Com,B.Ed

Smt. Jharna Roy,M.A,B.Ed

Others Staff

Dhiraj Biswas:M.Sc,B.Ed


Mrinal Banerjee . M.A , B.Lib , B.Ed


Jayeeta Sen . M.A

Anupam Dutta . B.Sc

Sagarmay Das . M.A

Reshmi Basak. M.A

Abhijit Ghosh. M.A. B.Ed

Rakhi Basak. B.Sc

Debadrita Chakraborty. M.A . Bed

Vocational Teachers

Rikesh sarkar. M.Sc

Pankaj Ghosh . B.Tech

Kartick Singha. M.A

Gautam Sarkar. M.Com

Piyali Chakraborty. M.A

Contractual Teacher

Biswajit Das:M.A,Dip. In Computer

Siksha Bandhu

Jayashree Sarkar . B.A . Dip. In W.Ed.


Anindya Barua . H.S

Group D

Rajendra Basfore . Class: VIII

Mahadeb Talukder . H.S

Denju Lama . Class: IX

Pradip Kr. Roy (B.A)

Retail/IT Sector

Madhusudan Saha B.Com,MBA

Vijay Kr. Mahato MCA,M.Phil